Make sure you’re picking the right read for the beach this summer.

By Liz Loerke
Updated June 08, 2016

So you’re ready to start a new book, but not sure what to choose? You might look at the ratings on Goodreads or skim the reviews on Amazon. Well now there’s a new tool to help: Book Marks, a site pegged as the “Rotten Tomatoes for books.” Created by literary culture site Lit Hub, Book Marks aggregates reviews from more than 70 publications with professional book critics (including Time, The New York Times Book Review, and NPR) and averages them into a letter grade. This cumulative grade, according to Lit Hub, will function as both a general critical assessment and as an introduction to a range of voices and opinions.

“We understand it is difficult to summarize the nuance and complexity of a review into a letter grade,” Lit Hub editor-in-chief Jonny Diamond said in a statement. “But we believe that Book Marks will lead more readers to reviews, and amplify critics’ voices in a way that benefits readers and writers alike.”

Once a book has been covered by three of the 70 outlets, it gets added to Book Marks, where readers can browse this year’s books, read critical reviews, and share their own opinions—letter grades and all. “Book Marks will help readers discover books, while spotlighting books that deserve more attention,” added Lit Hub Publisher Andy Hunter. “We’re bringing it all together in one place.”

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