You won't believe where she wrote it.

By Maddy Sims
Updated July 10, 2017

The last Harry Potter book may have been published 10 years ago, but J. K. Rowling isn’t finished writing yet. Her latest story is a fairy tale for young people, which she chose to jot down on the dress she wore to her birthday party.

The author told CNN that for her 50th birthday, she threw herself a party on Halloween—despite the fact that her actual birthday is in July. The theme for the birthday celebration was “come as your own private nightmare,” and so Rowling, being the writer she is, decided to dress as a literary ordeal: a lost manuscript.

Rowling didn’t leave any part of her costume up to the imagination and actually scrawled out the secret fairytale on her dress.

“I wrote over a dress most of that book,” she told CNN. “So that book, I don't know whether it will ever be published, but it’s actually hanging in a wardrobe currently.” Unfortunately for those who love Rowling’s work, there haven’t been any more hints about the release of the mysterious story. There’s still hope, though, as she also hasn’t ruled out publishing the story just yet.

Either way, we love that J. K. Rowling went all out for her clever nightmare-themed party. If you’re looking to plan a themed party of your own, check out these Hollywood-inspired party ideas or these party themes for kids. Or channel your inner writer and try out Rowling’s costume idea and write out your own story on a dress. Just make sure you don’t spill on yourself.