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By Nora Horvath
Updated June 29, 2017
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Instagram is great for many reasons: puppy photos, delicious food porn, and of course the reason it was created, to be a centralized place for photos of your friends and families. But one of the hidden gems of the Insta-world isn’t in the photos on your feed, but in words—poetry, to be exact.

Although it might seem counterintuitive to post text on a platform that was designed for sharing images, Instagram has created a perfect space for well-known poets to be able to reach new audiences that might not consider themselves “poetry people.” The same people that may not pick up a poetry anthology to read might come across short poems on their feed and discover poetry that way. The platform has also created a new way for budding poets to get their names out there, and build a following.

For new poets, this exposure on social media can be career changing. One example is Atticus, a poet with more than 350,000 followers on Instagram. Thanks to his e-success, he is now publishing his first collection of poetry in print in July, titled Love Her Wild.

Scroll below to see some of our favorite poets on Instagram. If their work catches your eye, shop their books via the links below.

Her book, Bone, will be released in September. To buy: $12;

Her book, Neon Soul, is out now. To buy: $12;

Her book, Salt, is out now. To buy: $22;

His book, Love Her Wild: Poems, will be released in July. To buy: $16;

His book, Bloom, is out now. To buy: $25 AUD;