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Updated April 29, 2010
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Made for Love, by Alissa Nutting
“I love authors who aren’t afraid to break rules, and there’s no rule breaker out there quite like Alissa Nutting. Made for Love traffics in my favorite kind of humor: it’s dark, absurdist, and terrific fun. If spending some beach time with a feisty wife trying to escape her cyberstalking tech mogul husband by bunking up with her father (and his sex doll) in a senior citizen trailer park sounds like your jam, then this book is for you. And who wouldn’t want to be seen sunbathing with this cover?”—Courtney Maum is the author of Touch ($12, buy: $9,
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Made for Love, by Alissa Nutting

A woman moves into a trailer park full of senior citizens with her father in order to escape from her obsessive tech-mogul husband.

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