Lorelai and Rory couldn’t even plan a menu this good.

By Real Simple
Updated November 21, 2016
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

The November holiday many of us have waited all year for has finally arrived—and we’re not talking about Thanksgiving. On Friday, November 25, four brand-new Gilmore Girls episodes will start streaming on Netflix—offering some much-needed closure for superfans who have been waiting almost 15 years to hear those final four words.

Earlier this year, Netflix announced they’d be returning to Stars Hollow, and many of the original cast members jumped on board (even Melissa McCarthy finally agreed to reprise her role as beloved, quirky Sookie St. James). As hints about the revival continue to unfold—from teasers on Instagram to trailers we’ve watched 100 times—we’re thrilled that the 90-minute “mini movies” are finally just hours away. Early reviews signal good things for loyal fans—Real Simple's sister brand EW called the revival “a welcome dose of hilarious and humane escapism that satisfies like a nostalgia trip.” Others have called it “comfort food” and “worth the wait.”

Any true Gilmore fan knows that a proper binge-athon requires snacks. For those planning to watch all four episodes in a row, we felt it was only right to pay tribute to some of Lorelai and Rory’s movie night staples—Pop Tarts, mallomars, pizza, and coffee. Whether you’re watching alone or with friends, we’ve come up with the ultimate pairing guide for the series’ most iconic foods. Because the only thing that makes a Gilmore Girls marathon even better is a few glasses of wine.

Special thanks to Ribera y Rueda representative and sommelier Charles Ford for these pairings: