It premieres on Netflix May 12.

By Liz Steelman
Updated April 04, 2017
Anne Poster
Credit: Netflix

Today, Netflix released the new trailer for Anne, a new series adaptation of the beloved Anne of Green Gables saga. For those not familiar with the story, it follows Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty), a rambunctious, red-haired 13-year-old orphan, after she’s sent to live with Marilla (Geraldine James) and Matthew Cuthbert (R.H. Thomson), a pair of aging siblings in a small town on Canada’s Prince Edward Island in the late 1890s. Anne comes of age as an outsider who works to transform the lives around her with her unique character, imagination, and intellect. The series will be available for streaming starting May 12, only on Netflix. Watch the trailer below.

Can’t wait to see what’s happening on Prince Edward Island? We reached out to Anne showrunner Moira Walley-Beckett on what awaits fans in Anne’s adventures.

Real Simple: For big fans of Anne Shirley, what can they expect from this new series?

Moira Walley-Beckett: They can expect an intimate and exciting new experience with Anne—with all the Anne they love and more! This fictional series is very grounded in real life so they’ll get to know her even better!

RS: What about people who don’t know much about or are new to the character—what can they get excited about?

MWB: My Anne is a fierce and unique individual. She’s smart, emotional, awkward, and entirely relatable. This is a coming of age story in which we all recognize ourselves, which is a lot of fun.

RS: The new series will cover topical issues, can you tell us why it’s important to touch on those issues?

MWB: Anne is indeed timely and topical. There is a lot of conversation in the world right now about feminism, gender parity, equality, bullying, intolerance, and prejudice against those who “come from away.” These are all themes inherent in the book and it feels important to bring them to the forefront and be part of the current conversation.

RS: What are you most excited for viewers to see? What was your favorite part of filming the whole experience?

MWB: I’m excited about so many things—the cinematic beauty; it’s both epic and intimate, and the depth of the characters interactions and experiences. Just like Anne herself, I kept on imagining! I loved filming outdoors (especially on Prince Edward Island) and capturing incredible landscapes and vistas and Anne’s intimate subjective experience in the natural world.