'When In Rome' is a travel trivia game that takes you to 20 cities with Alexa as your personal tour guide.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated July 03, 2018
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Alexa board game
Credit: Amazon.com

Just when you thought the Amazon Alexa couldn’t impress you more, she finds a way to one up herself. Now, she can add game host to her resume.

The world’s first Alexa-powered board game, When in Rome, just launched on Amazon for just $30, and it’s the perfect marriage of tech and classic gaming. Unlike many other tech-enhanced games on the market, the focus of this one is just the board game, so you’re interacting with your friends and family—and Alexa—but not a screen.

Created by Sensible Object, the gaming studio behind Beasts of Balance, this travel trivia game is the first title for Voice Originals, which will be a series of smart games for smart speakers.

The game takes two teams around the world to 20 cities, with Alexa giving step-by-step instructions the entire time. She teaches the rules, keeps track of progress and even helps a team if they’re falling behind to make the game even more competitive. As you move around the board, real recordings from locals will ask you questions (you can choose easy or hard) from seven categories from food to local customs. You’ll earn souvenirs as you guess correctly, and the team with the most souvenirs wins. You can even strategize with upgrade cards that read commands such as “Alexa, fetch the Flamethrower!” to throw off the other team.

Once you have the physical game, you just need to download the free skill component from the Amazon Alexa store. You’ll get a new Question of They Day every day, so the game never gets old.

The game is available on Amazon.com now, so hop on it to make your family game nights even better.