7 Adorable Pregnancy Reveals

7 Adorable Pregnancy Reveals

Sometimes the excitement is immediate, and sometimes, it takes a minute to understand what the news really means.

Prince George is going to be a big brother! We wonder if—and how—the Duke and Duchess broke the news. Hopefully they got a reaction as priceless as these parents.

These sisters have mixed feelings about their new baby brother. The cupcake trouble doesn’t help, either.

Talk about a priceless reaction: When she finds out she gets to be a big sister (again!) she’s more than excited.

This family’s boys-only club has been dissolved, and not everyone is happy to hear it.

Lesson learned: When your reveal includes food, it becomes very distracting. Someone can’t keep her eyes off the cake.

This reveal might make you well up. Don’t worry—it’s happy tears all around.

Why is Mom’s stomach looking so different? It’s not from dinner—it’s something much more fun.

This big-sister-to-be got her Christmas present a little bit early, and when she realizes what it is, she is totally overwhelmed.

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