Ah, the 90s.

By Alexandra Schonfeld
Updated July 12, 2017
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As #90swerethebestbeacause continued to trend throughout the day Wednesday on Twitter, users shared their favorite 90s memories from music to toys to gas prices. Recently, we have seen some of our favorite 90s trends come back in the form of overalls and chokers—but there are still others that have remained in the old millennia. Here are some we'd love to see make a comeback:

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Blockbuster DVDs
Credit: Craig Mitchelldyer/Getty Images


Even the video stores of all video stores struggled to stay afloat after the emergence of streaming devices—brick-and-mortar rental stores had trouble keeping up with services like Netflix and Hulu. Nevertheless, we all have great memories of walking the aisles of Blockbuster looking for the perfect family movie night pick. If you really miss those plastic covers and black metal shelves, at least 10 stores still exist around the U.S.—mostly in Alaska.

Hair Flair Wraps
Credit: amazon.com


The 90s was all about hair. Perms were all the rage and there was no such thing as “too much volume.” For the younger set, hair wraps were the way to go. You could get any color you wanted wrapped around a section of your hair, and it would last for days (sometimes weeks). And don’t even get us started on crimping.

Tamagotchi virtual pet
Credit: Kimberly Butler/Getty Images


In the 90s, if your parents had a “no pets household”—no sweat—you'd turn on your Tamagotchi and raise your own little critter. The pocket-size device was around before any smartphone or iPod and provided hours of entertainment. Ah, the simpler days.

Denim Overall in Stonewash Blue
Credit: asos.com


Whether you love them or hate them, overalls are certainly coming back with a bang. Wear them in any of your favorite washes, and bring a bit of the 90s into 2017.

Credit: Education Images/Getty Images


Pogs, which got their name from a popular Hawaiian drink, are a relatively forgotten but important piece of 90s history. The simple game became popular in the early 1990s and involved the flipping and stacking of round pieces of cardboard. Various 90s icons were printed on these little chips, making them more exciting to kids, and brands even started using them as promotional vehicles to attract the demographic.

Credit: Betty Crocker


The cure to any sweet tooth. This wildly popular Betty Crocker treat was a staple after-school snack. There were cookies on one side and frosting for dipping on the other—what could be better? Fortunately, these aren’t completely impossible to find: Amazon sells them in bulk if you’re really in need of a fix.

Strappy Jelly Sandals
Credit: forever21.com

Jelly Sandals

Nothing screams 90s more than a pair of neon jelly sandals. You may think of them as being only for kids, but they have recently become popular for grown-ups too. So much so that famous designers are designing their own versions—most recently Rihanna added a pair to her Fenty line with Puma.

Cast of Friends
Credit: NBC/Getty Images


One of the most beloved sitcoms is full of 90s nostalgia. Airing from 1994-2003, Friends became wildly popular amongst young adults who resonated with the characters. And now, with the whole series featured on Netflix, a whole new generation can catch the Friends fever.