We can’t wait!

By Liz Steelman
Updated July 20, 2016
Woman filming dog
Credit: Andersen Ross/Getty Images

Does your puppy have a playful personality? Has your canine cared for you and the community? Well, Fido could get his well-deserved 15 minutes of fame at a new dog video festival happening this fall.

Can Do Canines’ First Annual Dog Video Festival will take place in New Hope, Minn., about 12 miles from Minneapolis. The event will feature a selection of original user submitted videos (they don’t have to be professionally filmed) featuring dogs, well, being dogs. To submit your own film visit the event’s website. All submissions must be entered before midnight on Sunday, August 14th.

If you’re in the Twin Cities on September 17th, you can attend the Can Do Woofaroo event for just $10. Dogs are, of course, welcome. The event will benefit the non-profit, which connects people with disabilities with service dogs.

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