By Joyce Bautista
David Prince

You could buy an ill-fitting, generic slipcover for your sofa. Or you could enlist a coverlet you actually like, but perhaps no longer use, to hide a stained or torn couch, upgrade a dull one, or just change the mood of the room.
What you need: A coverlet (a king-size one works best for a standard seven-foot sofa), a wooden spoon, and six large safety pins. Bedding with decorative edges adds a finished look; fringed, scalloped, and embroidered coverlets work especially well.
What you do: 
1. Center the coverlet on the sofa, leaving at least three inches of fabric puddling on the floor in front to allow for tucking.
2. Use the spoon to smooth and tuck the coverlet between the cushions. The deeper you tuck, the less likely it is to come undone when you sit on it.
3. For a standard roll arm, fold back the excess material at the front edges of the sofa and pin it underneath so the pins are hidden.
Also works with: Sheets and blankets for a quick, in-a-pinch cover-up of stains or pet hair.

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