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By Taryn Williford
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Although you’ve likely been sweating in tank tops for what seems like ages already, this week marked the official start of summer, which means this is the first weekend of the season. So let’s all get out there and celebrate with some activities that capture what summer is all about: Al fresco dining, soaking up the sun, and, yeah, maybe just a little bit of time inside to appreciate the invention of air conditioning.

1. Take your lunch outside today.
2. Make some lemonade from scratch (it is the official drink of summer, after all).
3. Head to the park to throw a frisbee or play a game.
4. Take a book and find a spot under a shady tree to read it.
5. Leave early and spend the afternoon at the beach or pool.

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6. Put together a DIY sprinkler or water game to cool down.
7. Grab a big bouquet of beautiful, seasonal flowers and display them at home.
8. Make a big dinner out on the grill.
9. Have a movie night with your favorite summer flicks (Independence Day, The Sandlot and Dazed and Confused are great choices).

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10. Even better, get a group together and host an outdoor movie party in your backyard.
11. Go on a hike and take a birding app with you.
12. Find a U-pick farm nearby and pick strawberries, or whatever is seasonal where you live.
13. Plant some flowers, or maybe a fruit-bearing tree at home.

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14. Hang a hummingbird feeder.
15. Visit a museum (yes, air conditioning is a part of enjoying summer, too).
16. Head to a local baseball game.
17. Make popsicles or another frozen treat.

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18. Watch the sunset with a cold drink in your hand.
19. Light a bonfire and roast marshmallows.
20. Sleep outside tonight under the stars.