Many diaper changes later, we've reached a verdict. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated January 23, 2019
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Brandless Eco Friendly Diaper on Baby next to dog
Credit: Brandless

Ever since Real Simple editors discovered Brandless, we've been obsessing over their $3 non-toxic cleaning products and their equally-affordable beauty essentials. So when we heard that the company was expanding its offerings (and introducing a new $9 price point) to include a variety of baby products, including diapers similar to others we've tested and liked, we were all ears.

Made from wood pulp from sustainably managed forests, Brandless's new diapers (from $9 for 50, stand out from the other disposable diapers on the market. They're also chlorine-, bleach- and fragrance-free, making them non-irritating to baby's sensitive skin. And don't worry—all of the adorable patterns (hello, cute bunnies) are printed with non-toxic water-based inks. We debated whether an eco-friendly, plant-based diaper could really hold up to its big-name competitors, but Brandless promises an impressive 12 hours of protection. To see if it was really true, two Real Simple editors, along with their fearless babies, put the diapers to the test. Many diaper changes later, the results are in.

When Real Simple's deputy editor, Anna Maltby, put the diapers to the test with her baby, she found that the design was not only adorable, but also practical. "The designs are really cute, and the way the diapers are structured means they unfold really easily—the tabs come out with minimal effort, which means changing takes less time," she explains. While any diaper that makes changing time quicker is basically an automatic winner, the eco-friendly construction is an added bonus. "It’s also nice to know they are free of bleach and chlorine, and made with forest-friendly materials," Maltby adds. "We did have one minor leak while testing, but I attribute that more to miscommunication between mom and dad about who did the last diaper change and when than to the diapers themselves. (Oops!)" Okay, so these diapers unfortunately aren't going to change themselves, but they will make changing time a little more efficient.

Our former managing editor, Brenda Dargan-Levy, was also brave enough to put the diapers to the test with her baby—even though she was admittedly wary about them. "We tried using natural diapers when our oldest daughter was born, lured by the landfill-friendly promise and the really cute designs. However, they leaked and caused major diaper rash, so we sadly had to abandon them in favor of a bigger brand. I was admittedly skeptical when asked to test drive the Brandless diapers," she confesses. And the doubts continued: "They definitely don’t have the same feel as Pampers, Huggies, etc., so I assumed that they wouldn’t be as absorbent," she adds. "I’m happy to report that I was wrong—no leaks and no irritation/diaper rash. And, bonus: the cute rainbow design made my daughter look even more adorable." Leak-free, eco-friendly, and they'll make your baby look even cuter? Brandless's brand-new diapers check all the boxes.