You know who you are.

By Janine Annett
October 11, 2017

As a bona fide bookworm, I’ve participated in many book clubs. I’ve been in book clubs with friends, of course. And I’ve been in book clubs with colleagues, which gave us something to discuss other than the way the copier leaves weird streaks on everything. I’ve been in a book club with several other couples (the only downside is that it takes longer for two people to take turns reading one copy of a book). My neighbor recently invited me to another book club, and I’m looking forward to meeting the like-minded book lovers on my street.

Fellow book club members are the best—after all, they share your love of a good book and can’t wait to discuss it with you. Not to mention, there are usually snacks and drinks and a chance to catch up on non-book topics. No matter what book club you’re in, though, some of the same types of people are bound to show up. Just call them Book Club Archetypes.

Here, some you'll certainly recognize—for better or for worse.

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