The Best of 2012



The Best of 2012

It’s no easy task to narrow down a year’s worth of great ideas into your top six—but we gave it a shot. Here, our staff highlights their favorite tips, recipes, stories, and ideas of the year. You’ll notice a few repeats (hello, Gone Girl), but that just means you really need to check it out. Enjoy!



Anna’s 6 Favorite Things

Anna Maund loves Cajun fish and an Oxblood dress!



Benice’s 6 Favorite Things

Two road tests made the cut for Benice Atunfunwa’s picks.



Brigitt’s 6 Favorite Things

Here you’ll find a wedding bouquet, book, and fun problem solver on Brigitt Hauck’s list.



Erin’s 6 Favorite Things

It’s no surprise a recipe, baking pan, and cookie-decorating tips were on foodie Erin Henry’s list.



Kathleen’s 6 Favorite Things

A common theme for Kathleen Harris: kid-approved costumes, recipes, and time-savers.



Krissy’s 6 Favorite Things

Krissy Tiglias notes her favorite shoots of the year (Halloween, anyone?).



Kristin’s 6 Favorite Things

Crafty Kristin Appenbrink featured fun DIY projects.



Maggie’s 6 Favorite Things

Wine, cheese, and cookies? Maggie Shi’s list puts you in the mood for entertaining.



Maura’s 6 Favorite Things

Beauty, fashion, and a meaningful quote make up Maura Fritz’s list.



Valeria’s 6 Favorite Things

Here you’ll find smart family strategies, makeup solutions, and a delicious salmon recipe.