Turn to the Net for smart shortcuts and time-savers.

James Baigrie

  • Wishpot.com: If you have gift wish lists at more online retailers than you can remember, let this service combine them all in one spot. Or use it as a clearinghouse for all the items on your holiday shopping list.
  • Fonolo.com: This free site lets you skip annoying automated phone directories at more than 500 companies by doing the dirty work (like pressing 1 for English) for you. Once it navigates the menus as far as it can go, the site calls you so you can pick up just in time…and not a minute earlier.
  • PreciousBath.com: Send discolored costume jewelry to this site to have it replated with gold, silver-colored rhodium, or gunmetal ruthenium. Rings and earrings start at $25.
  • GreenYour.com: Is your eco-conscience weighing on you? Check out this site for ways to “green” over 200 areas of your life, from the gift wrap you use to the books you read. (Who knew Harry Potter was such a tree hugger? The last installment was printed on 30 percent recycled fiber.)