Amazon Prime Day 2017 was the biggest shopping day in Amazon history.

By Liz Steelman
July 13, 2018
PeopleImages/Getty Images

Amazon Prime Day 2017 was huge, and we're willing to bet that Amazon Prime Day 2018 will be at least as big. (It doesn't start until noon PST/3 EST on Tuesday, July 17, but you can already score some amazing deals.) If you have an Amazon Prime account, chances are you indulged in the incredible deals the online warehouse shop was dishing out over the 30-hour span of Amazon Prime day—more than tens of millions of Prime members made a purchase on July 11, 2017. In fact, Amazon Prime Day 2017 was 60 percent larger than the 2016 event and was the biggest shopping day on the site ever, drawing more customers than Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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If you happened to shop the event, we can probably guess what ended up in your cart, too: an Amazon Echo Dot. According to Amazon, the Alexa-powered smart speaker was not only the best-selling Amazon product on Prime Day, but also the best-selling product globally that day. It was on sale for $35—$15 off its regular selling price.

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In the U.S., other top selling items were the Instant Pot DUO80 and 23andMe DNA Tests. More than 50,000 TP-Link Smart Plugs, 200,000 women’s dresses, and 200,000 light bulbs were purchased as well, according to the company.

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