And they're hiring quickly, before October 14. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated September 07, 2018
woman working from home in her kitchen
Credit: HEX/Getty Images

If you're hoping to pick up a part-time, work-from-home job now that the kids are back in school (not to mention, earn some extra cash before the holiday season), you might want to check out Amazon. According to the job-finding pros at FlexJobs, Amazon is planning to hire 1,750 remote part-time customer service associates to gear up for the busy holiday shopping season. If you're hoping to find a work-from-home opportunity ASAP, this job could be for you—Amazon is hoping to make the hires swiftly, by October 14.

The new customer service associates will be helping customers navigate everything from late packages, to damaged products, to returns. Communication will mostly be over the phone (with some email and chat), so if you love talking on the phone for hours while lounging on the couch, this job could be a perfect match. The new employees will earn $10 per hour during the four-week training period, which then bumps up to $12 per hour after successful completion of the training period. Most of the new hires will work between 20 and 30 hours a week, with morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend hours available for a more flexible schedule.

In addition to a love for all things Amazon and working from home, the new hires will need to have a high school diploma or equivalent and at least one year of customer service experience. You'll also need to be located in one of these states: Nebraska, South Carolina, Idaho, New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana, West Virginia, Alabama, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or Mississippi. Think you're a shoe-in for the job? Visit FlexJobs to learn the details and submit your application. Hey, we all spend so much money shopping on Amazon (here are 12 tricks for finding the best deals), it's about time our love of Amazon started paying us back!