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53 Positive Quotes to Brighten Your Day
Positive quotes are just one tool we can use to improve our mood and mental health. These succinct sayings might increase your productivity at work, help you feel more optimistic about your life, or make a seemingly dark day a little brighter. However, it's true that some quotes resonate more than others. We chose the following 53 positive quotes because they represent the most inspirational and uplifting quotes we could find. Sometimes all we need to feel better is a little perspective from another person who has been there and thrived. Nevertheless, if you find these quotes don't motivate you, don't fret. Sometimes it's better to lean into your negative moods, instead of trying to force toxic positivity.  Whether you share them in a text, as a social media post caption, or as a spoken mantra, these uplifting, motivating words and sayings are sure to bring good vibes to any situation.
How To: Pack a Suitcase
How do you maximize suitcase space without wrinkling everything in the process? It's easy with these smart tips.
What Is the Enneagram Test and Why Is Everyone Obsessing Over It?
Find out how this personality test can change the way you live your life.
The Ultimate Palm-Reading Guide for Beginners
Kay Packard, Director of the American Academy of Hand Analysis and author of Your Life Is In Your Hands: Practical Palm Reading for Purposeful Living, explains the art of how to read palms.
6 Easy-to-Use Baby Registries to Sign Up for Before Your Newborn Arrives
Your new bundle of joy needs more than a crib and some adorable onesies. These handy online services provide more options, so you can register for everything the new baby could possibly need. 

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How to Make a Blanket Fort—Plus Ideas for Your Best Fort Ever
It doesn't take much to win a child's heart. If the kids in your life don't already consider you their all-time favorite adult, an hour of fort-building might just put you over the top. You don't need to build a Swiss Family Robinson-level treehouse, either–a simple blanket fort will do.  That said, if you do want to knock their socks off, we have some ideas for over-the-top forts they'll be talking about for years to come. Building blanket forts can take as much time as you like, be done over and over again with new twists and variations, and be enjoyed for minutes, hours, or days before you take it down and start anew. We think this ranks up there with one of the best things to do indoors (if not the best). With this guide, you'll have the knowledge you need to build the blanket fort of their dreams. RELATED: 11 Ideas for Fun Family Activities Everyone (Yes, Everyone) Will Enjoy
Here's Exactly How Much to Tip for a Massage (or Other Spa Treatment)
It's hard to unwind at the spa when all you're thinking about is how much to tip. Here's how much gratuity to give your massage therapist.