This Foldable Standing Desk Doubled the Space in My Tiny City Bedroom—and It’s 48 Percent Off

Its modular functions let you add onto it over time, too.

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I love a good, spread out work station. My ideal home office surface is about the size of a dining room table: massive enough for my computer, monitor, various books, notebooks, and more. I love to feel a little “mad scientist,” and my background in studio art—in which we pinned, sprawled, and overflowed the bulletin boards while we worked—only encouraged this all-consuming desk mentality. 

So when I moved into a cramped city bedroom and was suddenly confronted with the least space I’d ever had in my life, I had to rethink my working model. There was zero chance I could fit a desk in the corner and enjoy my space, but our living room functioned as a messy walk-in closet and got zero light. So it had to be the bedroom. Let there be light and all.

Then I found Work From Home Desks, a modular collection of combination sitting and standing desks that could break down at the end of the day. Studies show that standing desks are better for your posture, eye strain, fatigue levels, efficiency, and more—but I appreciated ability to do both, because I definitely hit a 3 P.M. slump.

Admittedly, I found their collection of desks on the website incredibly difficult to navigate. With such similar names and features at first glance, it was tough to figure out which desk I wanted. Since the prices were different too, was I missing something? I reached out to the  brand for help deciding, and the team generously offered to let me try out their full-on Creators Stand Up Desk in response—currently on sale for 47 percent off.

Work From Home Desks Creators Stand Up Desk

Work From Home Desks 

To buy: $759 (was $1,470);

Crafted from premium birchwood ply, this intricate wooden desk is endlessly customizable. Need a laptop stand one day? Easy-peasy—just click it in using the built-in slots and anchor pieces. Want a smaller, more minimal setup next? That’s doable too. Each of its components can go anywhere, so I experimented with the arrangement of hanging hooks, an under-desk organizer, the laptop stand, a small phone stand, top shelf, and more depending on my day-to-day work responsibilities.

Upon my first assembly, the desk didn’t take long to set up. As I got into the routine of setting up and breaking down my desk in accordance with my work hours, doing so only took me a few minutes.  I used to teach woodworking, so I had an intense admiration for its sturdy and polished construction despite my heavy use. Its birchwood surface stayed smooth over time, without showing any beverage rings, scratches, or age.

Most importantly, I could slide the flat-pack pieces of the desk under my bed when finished with it. I squeezed the entire skeleton of the desk in the narrow slit between my windowsill and dresser, so it’s slim enough to store easily. Personally, I suffer from awful work-life boundaries and have an intensely difficult time ending my workday mentally. Putting my to-do list “out of sight, out of mind” in this way allowed me to adjust my focus and emphasize other aspects of my life after logging off.

Still, the desk looked attractive enough to leave out for good if I wanted to, which I did on occasion. The brand emphasizes how excellent its desks are for those who need robust stations with small footprints and after testing it out, I wholeheartedly agree.

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Work From Home Desks 

To buy: $459 (was $780);

Although it’s weighty all together, I regularly shifted the desk around my space during the day, so its relative portability was a plus. Thanks to the desk line’s modular capabilities, you can also start with a smaller desk setup and buy accessories à la carte should you decide to add in more features.

This convertible standing desk allowed me to utilize a healthy, sprawling workstation in the way I craved without sacrificing my limited apartment space. I loved how flexible and customizable it was, allowing me to change my physical environment as my work needs changed, and I appreciated all the ergonomic benefits that came with purchasing a desk with standing capabilities. Head to Work From Home Desks to purchase your own while it’s nearly half off. Pair it with an under-desk treadmill if you’re all in on your optimized workstation.

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