6 Gorgeous Wispy Hairstyles to Try This Season

The hairstyle trend extends far beyond just bangs.

Wispy hairstyles have taken social media by storm, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The term "wispy" has become synonymous with piecey, feathered, and all-around stylish wispy bangs, which have emerged as the most coveted look of the year. However, there are several other trendy wispy variations to choose from, all characterized by their feather-light and delicate texture, says Ruby Caputo, a seasoned hairstylist from Tricoci Salon and Spa in Chicago.

Ready to hop on the wispy hair trend? Whether you're in the mood for a subtle update with a delicate fringe or eager to embrace a bold transformation with a retro shag, these wispy hairstyles are guaranteed to turn heads. Check them all out ahead.

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Wispy Bangs

"A lot of my clients have been requesting wispy bangs lately," notes Caputo. She credits their popularity to their low-commitment nature and easy manageability during the grow-out process. She considers them the perfect introductory style because they suit people with fine hair who desire a change without altering their hair length. 

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Wispy Highlights

Wispy highlights are understated, featuring thin, feather-like highlights for a natural-looking effect. They add dimension and depth to the hair without dramatically changing the overall color or style, ideal for those looking for a subtle change. 

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Wispy Layers

"Wispy layers are light, airy and seamless," explains the pro. "It's a very 'lived-in' layer, also known as a 'hidden layer.' She says they're "best for anyone who wants more movement without removing too much density, a seamless blend, and-or hair that's easy to style."

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Wispy Shag

Caputo deems a wispy shag best for those with waves. "It looks beautiful air-dried to highlight the natural hair's natural texture," she says, and for that reason, it's low maintenance. 

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Wispy Bob

A wispy bob is a tried-and-true "French girl" look, says Caputo, recognized for its "very lived-in look," featuring soft ends and lots of movement. "This cut is great for medium to thick hair because it can add movement and reduce bulk from the hair."

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Wispy "Bixie"

Hairstylist and shag specialist Savannah Versoi notes that short hair is making a comeback, with many people opting for the "bixie," a trendy style that blends elements of both a bob and pixie, inspired by early 2000s fashion. "Adding wispy bits around the perimeter of the hair creates a soft, delicate effect," explains Versoi, who shared the look on Instagram. With this style, you can live out your 90s Meg Ryan dreams while still keeping up with current trends.

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