What Are Cotton Candy Grapes—And Where Can You Buy Them?

Get ready for cotton candy grape season!

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When cotton candy grapes first hit the marketplace in 2013, they developed a cult-like following so robust, the fruit practically sold out before hitting store shelves. Understandably so given all the buzz that fell on the heels of that first harvest. And now, 10 years later, interest in cotton candy grapes doesn’t appear to be letting up. In fact, they’ve become quite the TikTok darling. But what exactly are these deliciously sweet fruits, and where can you buy them? Keep reading for more details.

What Are Cotton Candy Grapes?

Cotton candy grapes are a sweet, juicy grape variety with a flavor that smacks of old-fashioned spun sugar. Despite what you might have read, there is no magic, artificial manipulation, or genetic engineering involved in growing these tasty grapes. The variety resulted from cross-pollinating wild and conventional grape species, a process that’s been used in farming for generations. When folks at Grapery, a U.S. grower and distributor, first tasted the unusual variety, it was so distinct, they weren’t sure it would fly. 

What Do Cotton Candy Grapes Taste Like? 

Based on appearance alone, cotton candy grapes are no different from any conventional green grape. However, one taste and you’ll find that they’re anything but ordinary. The grapes are plump, with a pleasing “pop” when you bite in. According to Grapery CEO Jim Beagle, the fruit doesn’t have a higher sugar content than other grapes, but is less acidic. In other words, they effectively taste sweeter than other varieties.

And the flavor? Well, as the name implies, it’s reminiscent of cotton candy. As one TikToker remarked during an online review of the famous grape, “This? This is like a carnival in your mouth.”

Where to Buy Cotton Candy Grapes

The season for cotton candy grapes that are grown in the U.S. typically starts in mid July and continues until early September. However, it’s not exact, which is why cotton candy grapes have been spotted on store shelves as early as June.

You can also find imported grapes during other times of the year. As to where to locate these storied fruits? They’re often available in mainstream grocery stores, such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Publix, Sprouts, and Gelsons, as well as mom-and-pop shops dotted across the country. Grapery has a locator map on their website. Just click on your state to track them down and get a taste of the county fair inside a bag of juicy green grapes.

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