I Finally Tried This Internet-Famous Towel Brand—and I Feel Like I’m Visiting a Spa

Here’s everything you need to know about Weezie.

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Until recently, I was admittedly not someone who had too many opinions about bath towels (bedding is more my lane). I have year round sets, and I have one turkish towel that I love to add to my rotation during the summer. Needless to say, I was happy with everything in my linen closet. But a trip to a spa last year made me curious if I could create a similar feel at home with more plush towels, and I kept coming back to Weezie

If you’re new to Weezie, the Atlanta, Georgia based brand was started by two friends. Liz couldn’t find luxury towels she loved, so she contacted her friend Lindsay. Together, the two female founders launched a brand that focuses on high quality 100 percent organic cotton towels. And an added bonus is you can personalize each towel for a fun Southern touch. 

I first heard about Weezie from two Southern friends. Both touted the benefits of these luxurious towels, and they also agreed that once I tried Weezie I would simply never go back. I kept their high remarks in the back of my mind, and I decided to give Weezie a try after listening to Liz share the brand’s story on the podcast “How’d She Do That?”

Signature Bath Towel


To buy: From $64; weezietowels.com.

I knew I wanted to have a proper Weezie experience, so I decided to go with two classics: the Signature Bath Towel and the Signature Hand Towels. Although the brand does offer a few colored towels (light blue, light pink, navy, and gray), I was most drawn to the idea of fresh white. So, I chose to order both in white with light pink piping for a little twist (there are 10 total piping colors). Then after experimenting with the 15 personalization options and 11 thread colors, I finalized my towels by adding my monogram in light pink thread in the swirly Ardsley style (personalization is an extra $15 per towel). 

The Signature Bath Towel measures 29 by 58 inches, while the Signature Hand Towels come in a set of two and measure 19 by 30 inches. Without pulling out a tape measure when I was choosing which towels to order, the sizing felt generous but not overpowering in my mind (I also considered the Signature Bath Sheet)—and I’m so happy to report I was correct. Even though I haven’t used this feature yet because my bathroom lacks hooks, I love the addition of a fabric loop that’s camouflaged in the piping to allow you to hang the towels for “faster” drying, according to Weezie. 

When I opened my package of Weezie towels, which the brand kindly sent me for free to try, my very first reaction was, “Oh, wow.” I was immediately struck by the plushness and pure luxury of these towels, which absolutely feel different from my typical big box store finds. But I didn’t want to get too excited until I washed and dried them. I followed Weezie’s suggestion to wash the towels in cold water rather than hot water (my typical choice), and I finished the cycle by drying the towels on a low heat setting. After the process, I noticed that my towels barely created any lint—and they still feel equally as soft after two cycles of washing and drying. Although I can't speak to using the towels to remove makeup, I do want to point out that the brand has specific makeup towels that shoppers say they love.

Signature Hand Towels


To buy: From $54; weezietowels.com.

When it was time to use my Weezie towels, I tried to keep any expectations at bay. But after I wrapped myself in the Weezie towel for the first time, I understood what my friends meant when they said I would never want to use anything else. I truly did feel transported back to the spa I visited last year because the towels were absorbent, wonderfully soft, and more relaxing than I ever thought possible. Plus, I love that my Weezie towels look more elegant and chic than anything else I own when they’re hanging on my towel rack. 

Prior to trying Weezie, I was never someone who would say a set of towels is a must-buy. But I have absolutely changed my tune. Weezie towels are a perfect example of relatively affordable spa-like indulgence that are perfect to give as a wedding gift or as a sweet nod to a friend or family member who is in need of relaxation after moving into a new home. 

These are my first Weezie towels, but they are absolutely not my last, just as my friends implied. If you’re curious too, join me and purchase a Signature Bath Towel or a set of Signature Hand Towels. But be warned: You’re about to feel more invested in towels than you ever thought possible.

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