Don’t even think about doing this on someone else’s big day.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated May 31, 2018

Wedding guest etiquette isn’t always clear and simple: Wedding dos and don’ts vary based on the formality of the event, how well you know the bride or groom, the setting, the time, and a number of other factors. But there are some things you just don’t do at a wedding. Ever.

A guest wearing white to a wedding is one of those things you just don’t do—but, it turns out, many couples believe that’s not the worst thing you can do. Wedding planning and registry site Zola surveyed more than 500 couples getting married in 2018 to find out what that all-but-unforgivable guest faux pas is: According to 25 percent of respondents, the worst thing a guest can do is make a major announcement (like an engagement or pregnancy) during someone else’s wedding.

It makes sense: Making an announcement like that during an event celebrating someone else draws all the attention off the happy couple and onto you. If you have something major to share, maybe wait until the day after the wedding.

Other major guest don’ts include complaining about the wedding, which 20 percent of respondents said was the worst thing guests can do. 19 percent said getting too drunk was the biggest no-no, while 13 percent selected giving an embarrassing toast and 11 percent chose forgetting to RSVP. Only 6 percent of survey respondents said wearing white was the worst thing a wedding guest can do.

So there you have it: Next time you’re preparing to attend a wedding, you might be able to get away with wearing white—but don’t even think about making the day about yourself. (And maybe reconsider wearing white, while you’re at it.)