These expert-approved winter wedding ideas will help you avoid any seasonal snafus.

By Courtney Leiva
January 30, 2019

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: Having a winter wedding is definitely a magical and memorable experience, as seasonal dress styles and festive weather (hello, snow!) can provide you with gorgeous wedding photos you’ll remember forever and ever. Planning the perfect winter wedding—even with the help of a wedding checklist—can definitely come with some hang-ups, though, as the weather, transportation, and the venue can all have season-specific challenges you’ll definitely want to keep in mind while you’re filling that wedding binder.

To help you get past those frustrating wedding planning roadblocks, we talked to a handful of expert planners about all of the dos, don’ts, and winter wedding ideas worth paying attention to. Below are 20 helpful tips any winter bride will want to keep within reach.

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