When planning becomes so utterly overwhelming that you’re on the verge of bridezillahood, channel your frustration into these activities. (Bridezilla tendencies? Gone.)

By Real Simple
Updated December 22, 2009
To-Do List Pad
Credit: Kate Sears
  • Channel your inner Jackson Pollock at jacksonpollock.org, where you can create splatter artwork with the click of your mouse.
  • Pop bubble wrap at virtual-bubblewrap.com.
  • If your computer has a microphone, you can watch flowers grow as you sing into the mic at zefrank.com.
  • Smash balloons at pogo.com.
  • Put together sliding puzzles at naturalbloom.com
  • Crack up at one of the hundreds of videos available for download at funnyordie.com, collegehumor.com, and ucbcomedy.com. (At the latter, don’t miss “Checkmates” and the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ad spoof.)
  • Scroll through the gorgeous photography in the “travel” section of nationalgeographic.com to download a photograph of your honeymoon destination as computer wallpaper.