Not sure what the MOB is supposed to be doing (or even what an MOB is)? Find out here.

By Real Simple
Updated January 28, 2008
Debra McClinton

BFF. LOL. TTYL. Chances are, you've come across―if not used―these popular acronyms. Now that you're engaged, you're about to encounter a whole new world of lingo. As you browse wedding-oriented websites and message boards for advice and ideas, you'll find that brides-to-be have their own language. Here, a cheat sheet to help you make sense of it all:

BM: Best man, or bridesmaid
BP: Bridal party
DW: Destination wedding
FBIL: Future brother-in-law
FFIL: Future father-in-law
FG: Flower girl
FH: Future husband
FMIL: Future mother-in-law
FOB: Father of the bride
FOG: Father of the groom
FSIL: Future sister-in-law
GM: Groomsmen
GP: Grandparent
MOB: Mother of the bride
MOG: Mother of the groom
MOH: Maid of honor
OOTG: Out-of-town guests
RB: Ring bearer