Procedures for getting the words on paper vary widely. Here, four basic methods.

Wedding invitation envelopes
It may be best to give your parents an allotted amount of spots they can fill as they wish. If there are certain people you do not want in attendance, it's best to have a private and honest conversation when you first discuss the guest list. Don't insist your parents feel comfortable with the situation, but be clear about your wishes.
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  • Engraving: The requisite "bruising" that surrounds each word separates engraving from other printing styles. Expensive and time-consuming, it's the king of printing techniques.
  • Regular flat printing: Smooth to the touch, inexpensive, and fast, it's also called offset printing.
  • Thermography: This printing process gives letters a raised look similar to engraving, but for a lot less money.
  • Letterpress: In this handcrafted method, ink is literally pushed into the paper. Currently trendy, letterpress has slightly rustic look, which gives it a homey feel.