Need some planning tricks? One of Loverly's all-star bloggers shares a few of her best-kept secrets.
Heather Sharpe, Style Unveiled
Credit: Alante Photography

Wife and mother of two, Heather Sharpe started blogging in 2008 after being a full-time wedding coordinator. She has advice we'd love to hear since her experience includes covering more than 550 weddings on Style Unveiled, planning more than 45 celebrations on her own, and attending a handful as well.

1. Having been a full-time wedding coordinator, Sharpe recommends hiring one to help you on your big day. “Let your friends and family be guests and enjoy the day with you.”

2. Find a great photographer. You have to spend the day with someone snapping your photo, so make sure it is somone you really like.

3. Wait for “the feeling” when it comes to finding the perfect dress.

4. Don’t bury the romance in details. “Go on date nights with your fiancé and don’t talk about the wedding or planning,” says Sharpe.

5. Detail your budget for what you want at your wedding. Sharpe recommends deciding on the three aspects or vendors you want to spend the most on and which three don’t require as much attention.

6. Pick up a unique piece of art to feature at your reception. Find something that fits your theme or commission something just for the day. Hang it in your home after the wedding to remind you of the memories from that day.