Need some planning tricks? Loverly's all-star blogger shares a few of her best-kept secrets.

By Victoria Mechler
Updated September 03, 2013
Emily Thomas of Southern Weddings
Credit: Millie Holloman

Emily Thomas, the Creative Director for Southern Weddings blog, kicked off her career in college. She joined the SW team in 2009 and has been celebrating love ever since.

1. If you think it’s in the cards for you to walk down the aisle one day, it’s never too early to put aside some cash. The earlier you start saving, the less painfully writing the final checks will be.

2. Have a good relationship with vendors. Tell the vendors exactly what you love about their work and what your vision for your day is. “Vendors tend to go above and beyond for clients they genuinely like and who are appreciative of them — it’s just human nature.”

3. Budget the alcohol. Think about purchasing your own bottles or have a limited bar. Also, don’t assume that paying by consumption or paying per person is more expensive.

4. Have more than one “something borrowed.” Ask friends and family to borrow meaningful jewelry or décor items. “Replacing expense with meaning is always a win in my book,” says Thomas.

5. Take care of your guests by providing them with comfort items. Spending $20 on bug spray or fans for an outdoor wedding will result in smiles all around.

6. Miniature foods or miniature portions are adorable and can be a hit at a wedding. Plates with sliders or tiny pies are sure to please every tummy no matter how small.