Maid of Honor Duties Checklist

She's the one fluffing the train, fixing makeup, and (probably) planning the bachelorette party. Here's a pre-wedding to-do list for the woman you've chosen as your MOH.

  1. Check Plan the shower.

    And, if the bride wants one, the bachelorette party.

  2. Check Spread the word.

    Let folks know (especially before the bridal shower) where the bride and groom are registered.

  3. Check Keep a record of gifts.

    The MOH should jot down what presents the bride receives at her shower, and who gave them to her.

  4. Check Do some dress shopping.

    Go with the bride to look for her gown, if she asks, and help shop for the bridesmaids’ dresses.

  5. Check Coordinate the bridesmaid duties.

    As the “chief” bridesmaid, the MOH should schedule dress fittings and carry out any other tasks assigned by the bride.

  6. Check Be the bride’s right-hand woman.

    Give her help where needed: Address the invitations, write out the place cards, weigh in on the cake, assemble the reception play list. . . .

  7. Check Say a few words.

    Prepare a toast to the bride and groom to be given at the rehearsal dinner.