Need some planning tricks? One of Loverly's all-star bloggers shares a few of her best-kept secrets.

By Victoria Mechler
Updated September 03, 2013
Leila Khalil Lewis of Inspired by This
Credit: Leila Brewster

Two years after she started a public relations company dedicated to weddings and special events, Leila Khalil Lewis started Inspired by This. The blog, which originally started for wedding inspiration, has now blossomed into a lifestyle site that features much more like homes, babies, and birthday parties.

1. Love, wedding, marriage. “Remember it’s about the marriage more than the wedding…plan for both,” says Lewis.

2. Talk openly about your budget and what you can and cannot afford. If you’re in agreement on everything, planning will be easier and much more fun.

3. Hiring a wedding planner may seem like an unnecessary expense, but Lewis suggests finding one. Their expertise and connections may actually save you money in the long run.

4. Budget money for a videographer and good lighting. “I believe your wedding film is something you’ll cherish and watch over the years, as it captures moments photos don’t,” says Lewis. As for lighting, you’ll want to show off the decorations you spent months deciding on. Use more than just tea lights and candles.

5. You don’t need to invite everyone in the address book to make the day special. Don’t be afraid to keep it intimate and small.

6. Skip the centerpiece and opt for a lush flower garland, which will allow guests to talk without the distraction or disruption of an overbearing arrangement.