Need some planning tricks? Loverly's all-star bloggers share a few of their best-kept secrets.

By Real Simple
Updated September 06, 2013
Alexandra from Heart Love Weddings
Credit: Katherine Henry Boudoir

When it comes to sharing creative wedding shortcuts for today’s brides, Alexandra and her gang at Heart Love Weddings have the territory stylishly covered.

1. Before committing to your wedding day hair and makeup, gather inspiration, and then set up trials with the professionals. Don’t get discouraged; it may take more than one appointment. (You do want to look beautiful on your wedding day, right?)

2. Ready to pick your wedding flowers? Begin by making a list of your favorites. Talk with your florist about flowers that may or may not be in season. Out of season flowers will be more expensive than in season buds.

3. If you’re deciding on your signature palette, think about colors that feel natural to the season you’re tying the knot. Use a color wheel to figure out which hues go well together.

4. On a budget? Stick to it. Realize that the most important details are you, your husband-to-be, and your love story. Don’t let all the pretty fluff get in the way.

5. When it comes to favorite trends, Alexandra can't get enough of long farm tables, twinkle lights, mason jars, and cupcakes!