Need some planning tricks? Loverly's all-star bloggers share a few of their best-kept secrets.

By Real Simple
Updated October 25, 2013
Credit: Trever Hoehne

Planning a wedding? Or are you dreaming of planning a truly spactacular wedding? Introducing Grey Likes Weddings, a blog devoted to spotting and sharing to-die-for wedding inspiration.

1. If you’re a bride on a budget, choose a wedding venue that’s all-inclusive. An estate might sound dreamy and romantic, but when you start adding up everything that needs to be brought in (plates, forks, lighting, bathrooms, power, and the list goes on), your budget will quickly spiral out of control. Ask the vendors upfront if there are any unforeseen additional costs that you’ll be responsible for covering. Plenty of things might pop up weeks before the wedding, and you want to be prepared for everything.

2. Searching for your signature shade? If you want to be fashion forward, start by looking to the runway for inspiration! If you're not sure which shades you’re really drawn to, then take a glance around your home décor. Leftover wedding decorations are more fun if you love them enough to keep them around your house.

3. When it comes to the must-take photo, Grey Likes Weddings says: “It's what photographers call the hero shot, which essentially means that main iconic image that you know you’ll use on your thank you cards, frame to hang on your wall, and put on the cover of the wedding album. Don’t forget to get a nice one of the two of you just looking at the camera and smiling. Sounds crazy but with all the fancy artistic photography these days, sometimes couples end up without any photos that anyone older than your generation will understand.

4. A trend that's worth sticking around? Film photography tops the list. It’s literally impossible to replicate and much more iconic than the word “trendy” indicates.

5. And for all of you planning couples, remember to go on dates. Don’t give your groom wedding overload by making your big day the topic of conversation more often than your normal chatter. Also, have an engagement party (even if that means meeting everyone at a posh bar for a few bottles of champagne). There’s nothing like toasting to the beginning of a crazy, but totally fabulous roller coaster ride ahead!