Prevent their big day from becoming your financial ruin by keeping a few frugal tricks up your taffeta sleeve.

By Kristine Solomon
May 02, 2018
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I’ll never forget the time my friend told me she couldn’t afford to go out for the next few weekends. She was cutting corners, she said, because she had several weddings coming up, and she was going to be a bridesmaid in all of them. The cost of having so many besties was enough to put her in the red at age 27.

The average bridesmaid in the U.S. spends $1,324 on each wedding, with dress, accessories, hair, makeup, gifts, and bachelorette parties topping the expenses. If you live on the east coast, that price tag is closer to $1500 — that’s enough to rent a one-bedroom in Miami for a month, buy a Macbook Pro, or book a VIP package for Beyonce and Jay-Z's On the Run II tour (because, you know, priorities).

The good news? Everyone knows weddings break the bank for all parties involved, so no one should object if you use a few clever strategies for cutting corners instead of maxing out credit cards.

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