A new study reveals which wedding destinations stand out—and which fall short. 

“So many couples want to skip the cake,” says Weiss. But for those tied to the idea of having one, Khalil anticipates a shift back to the traditional, tiered fondant cake this year—complete with elaborate or personalized cake toppers. And don’t be surprised if your slice isn’t chocolate or vanilla: “From a funfetti-inspired flavor to a Bourbon-infused cake, most bakers are happy to customize wedding cakes to make sure they are unique and reflective of each couple’s tastes,” says Tracy Taylor Ward, a wedding planner in New York City.  Photo courtesy of Stacey Hedman. 
Stacey Hedman

Amidst congratulations, the newly engaged are sure to face a barrage of questions, too: Have you set a date? Where will the wedding be? How many people are on the invite list? Have you hired a photographer—what about a band?

Sure, wedding planning is fun, but when couples are spending an average of $31,213 on the celebration, it can become a bit overwhelming. To help couples find the cheapest and most convenient (as well as the most expensive and inconvenient) wedding destinations across the United States, WalletHub’s analysts compared 150 of the country’s biggest cities across three dimensions: wedding cost, wedding facilities and services, and activities and attractions.

Here are the top five overall:

1. Orlando, Florida
2. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Atlanta, Georgia
4. Tampa, Florida
5. Springfield, Missouri

And the bottom five overall:

1. Moreno Valley, California
2. Yonkers, New York
3. Newark, New Jersey
4. Worcester, Massachusetts
5. Anchorage, Alaska

See the full list and additional rankings, like which cities are most likely to get good weather.