Need some planning tricks? Loverly's all-star bloggers share a few of their best-kept secrets.

By Victoria Mechler
Updated September 03, 2013
Credit: Katelyn James Photography

The dynamic duo behind Bayside Bride has been blogging since 2011 and have close to 100 weddings to prove it. And when they're not blogging, you can catch them capturing weddings on their weekends. (You guessed it–they photograph festivities, too!)

1. Use professionals. “From the photographer to the florist, having a talented group of professionals for your wedding day makes a world of difference,” says the duo.

2. Weddings are expensive, so create and stick to a budget.

3. Check the weather the day before the wedding and no sooner. “It’s not worth worrying over things you can't control!”

4. As a couple, take a moment at the reception to soak it all in. “Your wedding day is going to fly by and taking a ‘mental picture’ of all the people who have traveled to celebrate with you, dancing and spinning as the lights dim on the dance floor…it’s a beautiful way to embrace your wedding day.”

5. Be affectionate. It’s your special day, so hold hands all day long and steal kisses every moment you get.

6. Matching robes or personalized t-shirts for the leading ladies. “When all the bridesmaids are in cute robes (or a cute matching tank top) it photographs well and makes for a thoughtful gift to give your girls,” says the bloggers.