Plus, where you can find local, sustainable bouquets that look similar. 

By Katie Holdefehr
April 02, 2018
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As the royal wedding on May 19 draws closer, details about the grand event have the internet buzzing. A couple weeks ago, we learned that London baker Claire Ptak will be making the lemon elderflower cake, and a couple days later, the official invitations went out. Even though one of the golden tickets didn't end up in our mailboxes, we still have all eyes on the royal wedding, and this weekend, Buckingham Palace announced the royal wedding florist: Philippa Craddock

Based in Central London, Craddock is well-known for her luxurious floral designs for high-end fashion clientele, including Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, and Hermes. Her focus is on sourcing local and sustainable flowers, so you can be sure that the blooms used in the ceremony will be local and seasonal. According to Buckingham Palace's press release, the arrangements in St. George's Chapel will feature foliage taken from The Crown Estate and Windsor Great Park—it just doesn't get more local than that. When possible, Craddock will source flowers that naturally bloom in May, including branches of beech, birch and hornbeam, in addition to white garden roses, peonies, and foxgloves. As far as the style of the arrangements, the Palace gives us a hint when they mention that the displays will reflect the "wild and natural landscapes from which many of the plants will be drawn." Sounds like a fairytale scene to us.

While we'll just have to wait until May 19 to see the final results, you can check out some of Craddock's previous breathtaking work, below. And in case you might get jealous of Meghan Markle's flowers and want to enjoy some of your own, now's the time to pre-order a bouquet to arrive on May 19 as you're watching the royal events unfold. Good news if you're in the U.K.: You can order a bouquet directly from Craddock here, and for those in the U.S., we've spotted similar seasonal arrangements on Bouqs

If this gorgeous example of Craddock's work is any indication, the flowers at the royal wedding are bound to be romantic. Here, deep burgundies and pinks reign supreme. 

So, about this weekend - I am always humbled by and full of gratitude for the level of teamwork required to bring a wedding (or party!) to life, from the clients who entrust us to make the backdrop to their perfect day, the planners who work TIRELESSLY (you always amaze me by the level of detail, the immense juggling acts, the hoops you need to jump through - "hats off" to every single one of you exemplary planners) the kind, creative and results driven @designsceneww were behind this beautiful creation (an extraordinary job guys, you should be feeling incredibly proud of yourselves), our flower and foliage growers (for this wedding we relied on four different suppliers, both in the U.K. and overseas - each one supplied perfect blooms, as always, thank you), all the companies who are so supportive and considerate of each other whilst working on site - the awesome @foodstorylondon, the production crew, both furniture (and linen) suppliers @joneshire and @greathireltd, the devine @peboryon and the orchestra keeping us going with their powerful music (need to remember their name!) and finally, our amazing, talented, beautiful, extraordinarily hardworking and never failing to smile(!) team, you nailed it - Keeley, Caite, Amelia, Emma, Julia, Andy, Andrew, the two Petars and Anthony (plus Hattie and Norie behind the scenes with studio prep and sourcing) - I said it at the time, it is very well having a vision, but it is nothing without the team around you, thank you, thank you xx

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At a wedding last summer, Craddock's team created lush arrangements with blooms ranging from white to blush pink. 

For those who live in the U.K., Craddock's floral team ships bouquets nationwide. Order through her website, which lists several arrangement options. 

Don't live in the U.K? Don't worry, Bouqs offers similarly stunning bouquets for delivery within the U.S. Browse the selection online, and pre-order one for May 19 deliver. You'll thank yourself later.