Keep this in mind if you’re planning your upcoming nuptials.

By Sarah Yang
Updated November 01, 2017

Attending a wedding can be a lot of fun—you get to see your friends or family members get married, consume good food and drink, and dance the night away. But let’s be real, there are some annoying things about the day, too. WeddingWire conducted a Wedding Guest Survey to see what irks guests and what they really care about.

After asking guests about their biggest pet peeves, WeddingWire found that the majority of respondents (27 percent) say drunk guests are most annoying. Not knowing anyone else at the wedding (25 percent) and bad music and DJ (23 percent) rounded out the top three. Take a look at the full list of the pet peeves below:

  • Drunk guests (27 percent)
  • Not knowing anyone else at the wedding (25 percent)
  • Bad music and/or DJ (23 percent)
  • Traveling far or to an inconvenient location (20 percent)
  • Having to sit and/or mingle with strangers (19 percent)
  • The cost of travel/accommodations (18 percent)
  • No open bar and/or dry wedding (17 percent)
  • Wedding toasts (ie. too long, bad speech, etc.) (9 percent)
  • Needing to take time off from work (9 percent)
  • Sitting through all the dances (ie. first dance, parent-child, etc.) (8 percent)

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WeddingWire also looked at what guests value the most and least at weddings. Picking the right dress is crucial, apparently—60 percent of guests pay the most attention to what the bride’s wearing at the ceremony. That’s followed by the bride’s entrance (42 percent) and the couple’s vows (39 percent). On the other hand, the least popular details were the ceremony language and readings (8 percent), person officiating the wedding (8 percent), and the recessional (9 percent).

During the reception, food—of course—is the biggest thing on guests' minds, with 64 percent of people placing importance on that option. Music (47 percent) and décor (33 percent) came second and third. It looks like you don’t have to worry about the escort cards (2 percent), extra amenities like flip-flops or toiletries (6 percent), and favors (9 percent).

Take a look at the rest of the survey results here.