The First 5 Steps to Picking Your Wedding Color Scheme

Blush or navy blue? Get a head start on picking your wedding palette with these tips.

Photo by Kellie Walsh/4 Eyes Photography

Your wedding colors will set the tone for your big day. They’re the strands that weave all of the elements—from the bridesmaid dresses to the signature drinks—together. How can one narrow down all of the colors of the rainbow? We turned to wedding expert Cheryl Fielding, president and founder of Cheryl J Weddings and Events, to give us her stylish tips.

1. Consider the venue. Since you’ve spent a lot of time and energy picking where you want to tie the knot, devote just as much time to envisioning your wedding in that space. For example, if the location is super saturated with color (deep aubergine walls, emerald rugs), then you might want to rethink the hot pink wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Keep in mind that you’ve picked your location because it means something to you so don’t fight with it—try and find a way to complement it.

2. Know what you like. It’s important to know yourself and your style. Be true to yourself. Take a look at your closet and your home décor. Do you see a common color? Or do you notice a hue that never comes into play? It’s important to look at the colors you’re drawn to and the things you like on a day to day basis.