These items may not be top of mind when you’re registering—but should be.

By Brigitt Earley
Updated August 01, 2016

Traditionally, wedding registries were filled with china, silver, and formal housewares to fill the new couple’s first home together. Today’s wedding registries are filled with everything from furniture and appliances to experiential outings—some even have the option to donate to a fund, like a down payment for a home. This can make the whole experience of registering a little daunting for couples who just want an answer to that one big question: What should we be registering for?

Zola, a wedding registry that offers both traditional gifts as well as some of the more modern choices available, surveyed more than 650 engaged and recently married couples to determine the number one item couples didn’t register for, but wished they had. Approximately 25 percent of couples said they missed out by not registering for luggage, closely followed by furniture (approximately 20 percent of respondents). Many couples also wished they had registered for a bar cart, hiking/camping equipment, a quality sound system, and artwork.

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