When it comes to picking your signature colors, the classic shades never get old.

By Real Simple
Updated February 01, 2013
Getting started:Changing leaves are only the beginning. Fall fashion―brown suede boots, a soft eggplant cashmere sweater―can also give you clues. Remember to balance earth tones with an accent color, like pale pink or lemon yellow. Real Simple suggests: A mossy green that’s anything but muddy when combined with cool navy, baby blue, and white (shown). Also consider: Brown with lavender; sage green with maroon and baby pink; yellow with gray and white.
Tara Donne

Blues and purples are the most popular colors to use in wedding decor. But which shade is gaining ground this year? Think it's pink? Maybe it's orange? (You're getting warmer.) According to The Wedding Report, red is becoming a bigger trend. What do you think? What will your colors be? Share with us in the Comments section below.