According to a new report from Pinterest, sweet and simple are taking over in terms of wedding food ideas.

By Ananda Eidelstein
Updated February 21, 2018
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Pinterest is the social platform of choice when looking for inspiration on anything from planning dinner to planning your wedding. Brides-to-be rely on it for discovering ideas for their big day and Pinterest has gathered the must-know info on wedding food ideas.

Pinterest users have spoken: Plated dinners are now a thing of the past. Instead, people are opting for food stations that are interactive and fun, and that includes the food people love to munch on when faced with an open bar (read: pizza, grilled cheese, and tacos). These fun stations don’t stop at savory: donut, s’mores, and waffle bars are in the books, too.

It’s no surprise we are living in an era of food allergies and having an option for guests with dietary restrictions is a super considerate way to go above and beyond. According to Pinterest, vegan wedding food is on the rise and it looks just as colorful and delicious as anything else.

Once everyone is fed and it comes to cake time, it should be satisfying, delicious, and give the dancing queens of the night a little sugar boost. What it should not do is steal the bride's thunder, which is why Pinterest users are option for the simple beauty of Fig Cakes. With minimalist decorations, like edible gold leaves wrapped around the figs themselves, and minimal frosting, the cake serves guest a delicate way to end their evening.

But after the cake and all the energy spent dancing (and chatting it up with old and new friends), the munchies come again. Give the people what they want this time with a pretzel bar alongside other midnight noshes. Because when the food is great, everyone will be talking about it and will be a wedding to be remembered.

Take all these wedding food ideas with you and happy pinning!

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The Pinsights team looked at PinLens, guided search and trending queries to identify trending save and search ideas Pinners are looking for as it relates to wedding trends across food, style, beauty, decor/aesthetic. Top trend data is ranked based on volume of global searchers (number of people searching and saving) in January 2017- January 2018.