From platinum to silicone and everything in between, here's a helpful guide to finding your ideal wedding band.

By Maggie Seaver
Updated May 10, 2019
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Shopping for wedding rings is one of those wedding checklist items you can hold off on until closer to your date—but that doesn’t make it any less important than booking a florist or photographer. You’ll want to start looking for wedding bands about four months out (allow even more time if you’re getting any custom wedding band engravings or alterations.)

So where to even begin finding this meaningful symbol of your love? Some might argue women have it a little easier: They can look to their engagement ring metal, size, and style to find a complementary wedding ring. When it comes to men’s wedding rings, it can be tougher for grooms to settle on a ring style, simply because they’re not sure what’s out there or what they like. But don’t make it harder than it needs to be—here’s how to find the best men’s wedding band to suit your individual style.

Know Your Options

The good news? There are no rules when it comes to wedding rings: You and your fiancé don’t need matching rings (unless you want them!), your ring doesn’t have to be understated, and you don’t need to choose traditional gold or silver. Some of the most common men’s wedding ring materials include platinum (the toughest, but most expensive metal), tungsten carbide (technically a ceramic with a crazy-high melting point), palladium, titanium, gold, silver, zirconium, cobalt-chrome, silicone, and wood.

When looking for a wedding ring, think about the ring color, band width, and design you’ll want to see on your hand every day. Are you most interested in your ring’s appearance, durability, or functionality? If you’re an avid rock climber or Crossfit fan, try a sporty, streamlined silicone ring. Obsessed with sleek black wedding rings? Look for bands made of tungsten carbide, zirconium, or titanium. Do you gravitate toward the finer things? Consider making a statement with a diamond-encrusted ring.

Mind Your Budget

As with all wedding expenses (and let’s be real, all expenses in general), consult your budget. There’s no use splurging on a swanky platinum wedding ring with diamonds if it’ll put you in debt, right? A helpful ballpark: Prepare to spend 2 to 3 percent of your wedding budget on wedding bands (you might not even spend close to that much, but you’ll be so happy you planned ahead in case).

Typically, and unsurprisingly, the simpler your wedding ring, the more affordable it’ll be. Buying an ornately designed platinum band or wedding ring with diamonds could cost anywhere from $600 to several thousand dollars. On the other hand, a simple tungsten carbide wedding band could cost around $200, depending on the jeweler and ring quality. Getting your bands engraved? This sentimental addition will up your bill.

As for who pays for the rings, couples tend take one of three routes: each partner buys their own, each partner pays for the other’s, or the groom picks up the tab for both. Do what works for you two and your wallets. When you’re ready to find a wedding ring, check out these unique men's wedding bands you’ll actually want to wear every day.


Titanium is both durable and lightweight, so this subtly designed ring is cool, sleek, comfortable, and easy to wear.

To buy: $200;


If you want a slim band with a polished exterior, you'll love this 44-millimeter domed tungsten carbide wedding ring.

To buy: $179;


Qalo supports both current and former firefighters, so its rings are designed with safety, durability, and comfort in mind. Whether you're a first responder, want to support local heroes, or simply in the market for a silicone wedding ring, look no further.

To buy: $30;


Your wedding ring doesn't need to be buffed to a shine if that's not your thing. Take a more rugged approach with something matte like this sand-blast finished tungsten band.

To buy: $295;


A thin, understated, silver-hued wedding ring will never go out of style. This tungsten carbide band has a slightly flatter surface for a modern touch.

To buy:


Cobalt-chrome is a blend of metals that's both stylish and substantial—plus, it's a great look-alike alternative to pricier platinum rings.

To buy: $379;


Did you think this ring was made of metal? Got you—it's a $10 silicone wedding band. It's perfect as-is, or for swapping out a more valuable metal band during anything from fly-fishing trips to kick-boxing sessions.

To buy: $10;


One of the most popular wedding ring styles on the market is a no-frills, no-fuss, rounded platinum band. You really can't go wrong with this ring.

To buy: $490,


Ridged edges and a sophisticated mix of white gold and platinum adds dimension to a cool and modern wedding ring.

To buy:


Update an otherwise traditional wedding ring with hammered metal so it stands apart.

To buy: $575;


This is the luxurious ring you can whip out for special occasions (or always). A line of seven round-cut diamonds adds just enough panache to a sleek platinum band.

To buy:


Your wedding ring doesn't need to be understated if that's not your style. Look for a statement-making band with unique designs. The Empyrean by Mark Schneider features 43 diamonds in an eye-catching crisscross pattern that's guaranteed to turn some heads.

To buy: from $2,988;


There's something about this wedding ring with diamonds that's incredibly regal. We're obsessed with the alternating black and white stones in contrast to the yellow gold setting. This is absolutely a forever kind of ring.

To buy: $2,905;


This knife-edge wedding band features a super-meaningful detail: customize the gemstone on the inside to your partner's birthstone to keep them close to you always.

To buy: $1,375;


Sometimes a flattering yellow gold band is all you need to symbolize your union. Mix up a classic with an ever-so-slightly flattened surface.

To buy: $489;


Rose gold is universally flattering and has that uncanny ability to look timeless and trendy at the same time—ideal for the modern minimalist.

To buy: $325;


If your style is more rustic and organic, get yourself a hand-carved wood wedding ring. This one's hand-cut from Jim Beam bourbon barrels and totally customizable, which means no two are ever alike. What better way to celebrate your marriage than with a nod to your favorite whiskey?

To buy: $55;


How cool is this copper-hued silicone ring? Enso's Classic Elements ring comes in a wide range of colors if you're into something brighter or more neutral.

To buy: $40;


For a truly unique wedding band, look into Damascus steel, which boasts the coolest marbled surface pattern.

To buy: $1,380;


Rugged, yet polished with a refined design, this black ceramic ring features a red oak wood inlay and smooth, sloped edges.

To buy: