If Rory got married, we’re betting this is what she would wear.

By Meghan Overdeep

This article originally appeared on SouthernLiving.com.

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The Gilmore Girls dream we never knew we had has come true. Newby bridal designer Floravere recently revealed the ultimate Gilmore Girls homage: a Rory-inspired wedding dress. Spoiler alert: it’s stunning.

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Floravere describes the R. Gilmore gown as “the iconoclast’s take on tradition” inspired by Rory, “an Ivy Leaguer who loves The Pixies,” making it perfect for our favorite Star Hollow resident’s nuptials—whether it’s to Dean, Jess, or Logan—and for any bride, really.

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The gorgeous dress, which retails on Floravere.com for $3,390, honors the Rory in all of us. The curve-hugging gown features a modern strapless sweetheart neckline and an elegant 3D overlay embellished with individually-embroidered flowers. And the best part? The color, train length and waistline are all customizable.

Interested in trying it on? Floravere’s inaugural Bride Box includes 3 sample gowns and all the essential goodies for an at-home try on party. Win!