Here are the interesting details you may have missed.

By Samantha Peters
Updated May 21, 2018

Over the weekend, Meghan Markle wore a stunning off-the-shoulder dress and floral-embossed veil when she tied the knot with Prince Harry. But while her classic silhouette may have been expected, there were a few surprising details about her look that fans may have missed—even after watching the televised nuptials on repeat. Below, we’ve uncovered everything you don’t already know—but want to—about the gorgeous gown.

1. Her dress was made by a woman. Clare Weight Keller, Givenchy’s creative director, is the mastermind behind Meghan’s breathtaking gown. Keller is the first female creative director of the French fashion house, making her a perfect choice for Meghan, who has been an advocate of women’s rights.

2. Meghan helped design the dress. Meghan had an idea of what she wanted for her dress when she first met Keller in early 2018, ITV reports. From then on, the two worked closely together to create a dress that captured the bride’s modern, fresh style and would feel on point for the occasion.

3. Her veil had a secret meaning. On the morning of the wedding, Kensington Palace revealed that the number of flowers on Meghan's veil held a special significance. "Ms. Markle expressed the wish of having all 53 countries of the Commonwealth with her on her journey through the ceremony,” The Palace tweeted. “Ms. Waight Keller designed a veil representing the distinctive flora of each Commonwealth country united in one spectacular floral composition.”

4. …And also payed homage to her home state. In addition to the flowers representing the nations of the Commonwealth, Meghan chose to have two specific blooms on her veil: wintersweet, which grows around Nottingham Cottage where she and Harry live, and a California poppy, which is native to her place of birth.

5. Her veil and dress took hundreds of hours to make. Keller reportedly did extensive research on fabric mills throughout Europe to develop the double bonded silk cady with a soft matte lustre for Meghan’s dress design—and the veil was no less easy to create. According to a press release from Kensington Palace, the 16-foot silk and organza veil required hundreds of hours of sewing, and workers had to wash their hands every 30 minutes to keep the tulle and thread spotless.

6. Her tiara has a famed history. To top off her look, Meghan borrowed Queen Mary's bandeau tiara from Queen Elizabeth II, who also wore the headpiece on her own wedding day. Its center stone was originally gifted to Queen Mary, Elizabeth II’s grandmother, in 1893, and wasn’t fitted into a diamond and platinum tiara until 1932. The piece finally fell into Elizabeth’s hands after her grandmother passed away in 1953.

7. Prince Harry hand-picked her bouquet. According to a statement from Kensington Palace, Prince Harry selected some of the blooms that went into Meghan’s bouquet, which was designed by florist Philippa Craddock. The elegant bunch included forget-me-nots—a nod to Princess Diana and her favorite flower—sweet peas, lily of the valley, astilbe, jasmine, astrantia, and, as is royal tradition, a sprig of myrtle.