Weddings require a kind of Holy Grail of shoes: Dressy but also practical, and above all, wildly comfortable.

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Though it might seem like winter will never end, the shocking fact is that wedding season will be here sooner than you know it and you'll need a pair of wedding shoes in your closet. Yes, the dates on those invites tacked on your fridge are actually looming closer and closer every day. Which means now is as good a time as ever to invest in the pair of wedding shoes you might as well live in until October. There’s nothing worse than running to the mall at the last minute, buying a pricey pair of silver wedding shoes you sort of like, only to find out the next day that the straps might as well be barbed wire and the stilettos so teetering that you can’t even step-touch on the dance floor. We’ve mined the rosters of dress shoes to find the ultimate Holy Grail: Cute, comfortable wedding shoes that won’t kill your feet (with stellar reviews to boot). Here, five of pairs we could dance all night in, whether you're looking for wedding shoe wedges, flat wedding shoes, or even (gasp) just a good ol' pair of heels.

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