This Viral Glassware Set Upped My Iced Coffee Routine—and Cleared Space in My Cabinets

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Glass Cups with Bamboo Lids and Glass Straw Tout

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Staying hydrated is easier when there is fun glassware to drink out of. With different sets gaining popularity, like trending colorful glassware, elevating any beverage-drinking experience is a simple way to treat ourselves while also getting hydrated. I had been on the hunt for a versatile and durable set that cuts down on clutter in my apartment kitchen and found that in the best-selling Vitever Beer Can-Shaped Drinking Glasses that are currently available at Amazon for 20 percent off. 

The six-piece set comes with bamboo lids and glass straws, making the cups great while on the go. At 16 ounces, the beer can-shaped glasses perfectly fit a soda, smoothie, or what I use my glasses for the most, iced coffee. 

Glass Cups with Bamboo Lids and Glass Straw


To buy: $24 (was $30);

After seeing beer can glassware trending on TikTok I was influenced. The versatility of being able to use the glasses with or without the lids and straws and still having the glass look stylish interested me. After researching, I purchased the best-selling Vitever Glassware set on Amazon over a month ago and have since used the glasses daily. 

My New Year’s resolution for 2023 was to stop spending $7 on my daily coffee and to start making more at home. After upgrading my coffee maker, the next step was buying glassware that could fit my iced coffee—yes, it is a year-round drink. I’m a slow drinker so having glassware with a lid and straw helps keep it cooler for longer and allows me to travel easily with my coffee. Plus, its smaller size makes it perfect to fit in cupholders. 

The clear glasses are made of lead-free material and are easy to clean. Just pop the glasses in the dishwasher, quickly hand-wash the bamboo lids, and if your straws need a deep clean, the set comes with two brushes. 

The curved shape of the glasses replicates a beer can. The slightly curved-in lip of traditional beer cans is there to capture the foam and aroma of the drink. Mimicking this shape, the glassware also brings out the flavors and foam of beer and other carbonated drinks such as soda. 

One five-star reviewer appreciates the “true beer can shape.” Highly durable, the Amazon customer uses the glasses for all sorts of drinks, including both “cold and hot beverages.”

I’m limited on storage space in my one-bedroom apartment’s kitchen, and I appreciate that these glasses pull double duty. Pop in a straw and top off with the lid for an on-the-go cup. Or leave the straw and lid, and you have pretty glassware for beer or cocktails when friends are over.

From iced coffee to celebratory toasts, the Vitever Beer Can-Shaped Drinking Glasses are versatile glasses that save space in your kitchen cabinets. Get the glassware set on Amazon now for 20 percent off.

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