The 10 Most Popular Jobs For Recent Grads

Yes, assistant did make the list.

Surprising Ways to Cook With Seltzer Water

Clearly seltzer adds refreshing fizz to cranberry juice or sangría. But its colorless, odorless, tasteless bubbliness also makes it the ideal secret ingredient to lighten up foods. Think batters and soups. (Thanks, air pockets!) Seltzer and club soda can be used interchangeably, but steer clear of sparkling water, which doesn’t have enough carbonation to leaven. And be sure to use a bottle that’s fresh from the store; over time seltzer goes flat.

How to Knead Dough

Folding and smushing dough develops the gluten, which gives baked goods (like Hot Cross Buns) their chewy texture. You can use a stand mixer to knead, but it’s also an easy DIY (and triceps workout!). Follow these steps.

Here’s Exactly How to Order Starbucks’ New Pink Ombré Drink 

The layered beverage is quickly taking over Instagram. 

Disneyland Is Holding an Open Audition Call for Villains

Here’s how you can become a part of the magic.

How to Create a Triple Braid

Whether you just want your braid to look thicker or you’re trying to mimic an ethereal character, this triple braid concoction will give it to you. While we’re not promising that every length of hair can pull it off, we promise it’s easy enough for all skill levels to achieve. It may look intricate and complicated (that was the goal!) but with only a topsy tail and three braids involved, it’s actually very simple. All you’ll need are four clear elastics, and maybe some texturizing spray or hairspray for grip and texture.

Secret Perks of Every Workout

Fitness: Maybe you don’t need another reason to hit the gym, but if you do... Did you know that exercising three times a week can lower your chance of depression? And that getting the recommended 150 minutes of weekly activity (even just energetic walking) can cut your risk of heart disease by 25 percent? We’ve gathered research on the lesser-known payoffs of all types of workouts so you can pat yourself on the back for the perks that you didn’t realize you were getting—or tweak your regimen to reap extra rewards!

How to Release Stress

Pros explain how to recover from bouts of stress.