3 Ideas for Vanilla Extract That Don’t Require Baking

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but when it comes to vanilla extract, stick with the real thing. Pure extract 
is made from vanilla beans steeped in alcohol and water. 
It has a far more complex flavor than the imitation kind and helps other ingredients reach their full, delicious potential.

5 Life Lessons We’ve Learned From Mr. Rogers

Reflections on kindness and compassion from everyone’s favorite neighbor.

A Quick & Pretty Style for Short to Medium Hair

Maybe you recently cut off a few inches and are sporting a shorter cut (say, a lob). Sure, it looks great when you wear it down, but sometimes you'd rather not have those strands in your face. If you’re stumped on how to change up your look or style your hair for different occasions, this easy hairdo—simple waves and a twist—will ensure you look pulled together in a flash. Keep the twist on one side, as seen in the video, or try it on both sides of your part for a dressier take (or to get your hair fully out of your face). The twist can also be worn with a ponytail for a sleeker look or to help hide bangs—especially helpful during the tricky in-between phase. Wear the style with your hair's natural texture when you’re short on time or play it up with some extra curl and volume. All you need to master the look is a set of bobby pins.